South Albania Outdoor

Albania has a paradise mixing beautiful nature and interesting culture. This journey takes you to famous UNESCO sites as well as in the countryside of south Albania. Experience with us true Albanian hospitality while visiting historic places and taking short walks to rural nature. It is recommended for groups of friends, families, and couples who like to explore rural experiences. You will admire the blue Ionian coast as well as the high mountains of Albania.


  • Berat castle, Mangalem, and Gorica neighborhoods
  • Apollonia archeological site
  • Butrint archeological park
  • Qeparo and Voskopoje old villages
  • Gjirokaster fortress
  • Nivica canyons and Peshtura waterfalls
  • Benja thermal baths

Albanian Riviera – Beach, Culture & Hike

Albanian Riviera trip is carefully designed to enjoy the best of the Ionian coast through nature and culture. It is an active tour recommended for families, couples, or friends who prefer to hike, walk, horse riding, and explore the local culture.


Berat castle, Mangalem, and Gorica neighborhoods (UNESCO)

Hike Qorra peak in Llogara national park

Hike Gjipe bay, canyons, and relax on the beach

Butrint archeological site (UNESCO)

Gjirokaster city (UNESCO)

Horse riding in Gjirokaster 


Explore Southeast Albania Hike & Culture

Southeast Albania is a region very attractive and little explored than the rest of the country. It has a rich history with some of the oldest civilizations in Albania. The geographic formation has a diversity of mountains, rivers, lakes, canyons, and impressive earth creation. You will bond will rural communities and visit cultural sites.


  • Visit Lake Ohrid in Albania
  • Visit the medieval village of Voskopoje
  • Hike Nivica canyons and Peshtura waterfalls
  • Visit Gjirokaster and Berat (UNESCO)
  • Explore the vibrant capital of Albania
Bovilla Lake

Rural Tirana city break

Rural Tirana city break is designed to reveal all the landmarks that Tirana offers. It is suitable for people who love to learn about the history and explore natural beauties. This trip includes some beautiful hikes for outdoor enthusiasts.


Visit BunkArt, the largest underground bunker in Albania

Hike Mount Dajt and the emerald waters of Bovilla Lake

Explore one of the oldest caves in Albania

Discover UNESCO city of Berat


Bunkers of Albania

Albania is a country that experienced communism in the 20th century when it was part of the Eastern Bloc. During the Cold War, leader Enver Hoxha decided to forficate the country with thousands of bunkers against possible attackers. In Albania, these constructions stay strong and we would love to show them to international travelers.


  • Visit BunkArt 1 in Tirana
  • Take photos of unique bunkers
  • Have a drink/meal in a bunker
  • Spend a day at Sazan Island
  • Learn about Albanian communist history
  • Small group size

Hike the Albanian Alps in 4 days

The Accursed Mountains are in the dream bucket list of everyone who love nature. National parks filled with dense forest, waterfalls, high peaks, mysterious legends, and friendly locals are waiting for you. Put on your boots and join us in these adventure journey.


  • Hike Grunasi waterfall & Blue Eye
  • Explore Theth national park
  • Explore Valbone national park
  • Sail through Komani lake
  • Visit Rozafa castle