Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia in 1 Week

Join a trip to explore three countries in the Western Balkans. From UNESCO sites to historical monuments and beautiful nature, this tour will bring you closer to the local culture of these nations.


  • Berat castle
  • City of Ohrid
  • Makedonium complex in Krusevo
  • Heraklea archeological park
  • Capital of Skopje and Prishtina
  • 3 UNESCO sites in Kosovo
  • Visit the old capital of Kosovo

Bunkers of Albania

Albania is a country that experienced communism in the 20th century when it was part of the Eastern Bloc. During the Cold War, leader Enver Hoxha decided to forficate the country with thousands of bunkers against possible attackers. In Albania, these constructions stay strong and we would love to show them to international travelers.


  • Visit BunkArt 1 in Tirana
  • Take photos of unique bunkers
  • Have a drink/meal in a bunker
  • Spend a day at Sazan Island
  • Learn about Albanian communist history
  • Small group size

Hike the Albanian Alps in 4 days

The Accursed Mountains are in the dream bucket list of everyone who love nature. National parks filled with dense forest, waterfalls, high peaks, mysterious legends, and friendly locals are waiting for you. Put on your boots and join us in these adventure journey.


  • Hike Grunasi waterfall & Blue Eye
  • Explore Theth national park
  • Explore Valbone national park
  • Sail through Komani lake
  • Visit Rozafa castle
St. John church in old town of Ohrid, North Macedonia

All around Lake Ohrid – Day tour from Tirana

Lake Ohrid is a natural beauty listed in UNESCO World Heritage. It is the oldest lake in Europe and has the oldest human settlements in the continent. This day trip from Tirana includes several visits around the lake such as Struga, Ohrid, Bay of Bones, St. Naum, Pogradec, and Lin village.


  • Explore the oldest lake in Europe
  • Visit old town of Ohrid
  • Take photos with unique Albanian bunkers
  • Small group size
Hiking in Mount Dajt

Hike Mount Dajt from Tirana

Are you looking for some activities in Tirana? Put on your hiking shoes and get ready to explore Dajti National Park. Let’s have fun riding Dajti Express cable car and hiking outdoors on Mount Dajt. Standing at 1613m, Dajti is a symbol of Tirana and the place to escape the vibrant life of the capital. Join an experience of a like-minded adventurous group.


  • Hike mount Dajt
  • Enjoy a cable car ride above Tirana
  • Small group size

Rural Tirana – Caves,canyons and castles

The Cave of Pellumbas is a karst cave located close to Tirana County. It lies about 500 m above the Adriatic, on the slopes of mount Dajti 1,613 m. The cave is one of among six karstic caves that exist in Europe.


  • Explore inside the Black Cave
  • Hike the countryside of Tirana
  • Visit Petrela castle
  • Small group size

Day tour of Theth national park from Tirana

This daily active tour to Theth national park is dedicated to those travelers who don’t have much time and don’t want to leave Albania without experiencing the Albania Alps. It covers all the majesty of this valley.


  • Visit Theth national park
  • Hike to Grunasi waterfall
  • Admire the Albanian Alps
  • Small group size

Day tour of Berat and Karavasta lagoon

Founded back in the 4th century B.C., Berat presents a remarkable history through different ages from ancient Illyrians to Roman Empire, Byzantine to Ottoman Empire. The city has everything to show in its three main neighborhoods The Castle, Mangalem and Gorice. This journey is combined with birdwatching in the lagoon of Karavasta.


  • Visit the city of thousands windows
  • Walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of Mangalem and Gorice
  • Boat ride at the largest lagoon in Albania
  • Photoshoot Dalmatian pelicans
  • Small group size

Day tour of Shkoder and Kruje

Shkoder is the largest city in the north of Albania. It is surrounded by Lake Skadar and the Albanian Alps. The city is famous for Rozafa castle, the old promenade, and the harmony between different religions. On this trip to the north, we will also visit the historical town of Kruje.


  • Visit Skadar old town
  • Explore Rozafa castle and the legend behind it 
  • Visit Kruje castle and Old bazaar
  • Visit the religious temple of Sari Salltik

Day tour of Prizren from Tirana

Prizren is the historic capital of Kosovo and it has an authentic old town. The city is a mix of famous mosques and contrasts it with abandoned Serbian Orthodox churches. In this guided tour from Tirana, you will get to know more about the local lifestyle of Kosovo.


  • Visit the youngest country in Europe
  • Get familiar with its history
  • Explore medieval mosques and churches
  • Small group size